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Where do your donations go?

Hero Yoga have chosen 2 great charities to donate proceeds to from the #stretch4syria Yoga Stars Family Day.

These are our chosen charities.

“When I want to save someone’s life I don’t care if he’s an enemy or a friend. What concerns me is the soul that might die”


The White Helmets mostly deal with the aftermath of government air attacks. Yet they have risked sniper fire to rescue bodies of government soldiers to give them a proper burial.

Bakers, tailors, engineers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters, students and many more, the White Helmets are volunteers from all walks of life. Many have paid the ultimate price for their compassion – 141 have been killed while saving others.

As well as saving lives the White Helmets deliver public services to nearly 7 million people, including reconnecting electrical cables, providing safety information to children and securing buildings. They are the largest civil society organisation operating in areas outside of government control, and their actions provide hope for millions.

Humming Bird UK

Humming Bird Project are a team of volunteers who enter refugee camps to offer a safe space to children living in these incredibly stressful conditions. Art therapy helps children find some time away from their dire situations and be children again. Hero Yoga feel this is really important work. As well as art therapy Humming Bird Project also send volunteers to the refugee camps to help in much needed areas of health care and to help prepare food.

Art + Activism

” The Hummingbird Project started as an art piece. The response was amazing, so it snowballed into positive, direct action. From there the project has raised over £27,000, which has gone directly to helping refugees in the direst of situations, giving shelter, medical attention and hope in Calais and Dunkirk.”

‘The ‘Jungle’

We drive regularly to Calais with an inspiring team of mix skilled volunteers, some nurses, support workers, human rights activists but generally with everyday folk who really care, to set up a food kitchen, offering first aid and fire safety as well as providing donations.’

Charities we have supported with past events: 

Hand in Hand for Syria

Hand in hand for Syria helps people who have remained in Syria to rebuild their lives.

In their words:
‘We take medical and humanitarian aid into 90% of the country, using our unique and extensive networks on the ground in Syria. We also implement aid funded by, and on behalf of, some of the worlds biggest aid agencies, who are unable to get into Syria themselves. We get into the hardest-to-reach areas. We don’t subtract anything from your donation to cover admin costs. If you donate £1 to Hand in Hand for Syria, £1 goes into Syria.’


Asterias Starfish Foundation

Starfish Foundation help people arriving off traumatic and dangerous boat trips from Syria seeking refuge on the Greek island of Molyvos. They help provide warm clothing, and aid before helping people to move into the refugee camps there.

Some words from Peggy Whitfield of Starfish Foundation

‘Starfish started life as the desire of one woman, Melinda McRostie, and a small team of local people who wanted to help refugees arriving in Lesvos on dangerously overcrowded dinghies,  fleeing from war and destruction. As numbers increased exponentially during 2015, volunteers from all over the world began flying in to help out with the crisis. Starfish is now a non-profit organisation and we look after all refugees saved by the coastguard, ensuring they get food, water, blankets, dry clothes and medical treatment, if necessary. We also run a transit area with a medical tent from the lovely medics at WAHA, an on-site kitchen run by We Can – Sweden, a kids tent, a food tent, where refugees can get sandwiches and something to drink 24/7, several clothing distribution points and a couple of large tents where refugees can rest before making their onward journey to Mytilini by bus to register.

Starfish aims to ensure that all people passing through our care receive the best welcome to Europe possible’ 




In their words:

‘Aid Box Convoy is a committed team of volunteers from Bristol in the UK, dedicated to the coordination, delivery and distribution of aid at refugee camps in northern France. They exist to provide humanitarian care to refugees and to offer support to the existing charities and organisations on the ground.’

A quote from founder Imogen Mcintosh

‘The work we do is in response to the humanitarian crisis happening on our door step. Now 2500 people living in a muddy, cold, disease and rat ridden field with totally inadequate sanitation in Dunkirque, Northern France. Approx 150 children and babies, many teenagers , women and men. All of them have terrifying stories to tell of war and terrorism, death and destruction in their home towns and  how they are running from imminent death.

Aid box convoy are delivering basic aid and care on a daily basis to keep these people alive over these winter months. With the absence of help from big government aid organisations, we are also coordinating the aid and volunteers coming from the UK, Belgium, Holland and other European countries.
Over the last three and a half months we have made friends. Laughed and cried with these brave and resilient people who simply want to live in safety.
We are doing this because the UK and France are punishing these people by ignoring them and in increasing circumstances using violence, pepper spray and power to silence these people who have simply found themselves in an unlucky situation’.



Care International

In their words:

“CARE International are delighted to hear that Hero-Yoga have chosen to support our Syria Crisis appeal through the #stretch4syria Yogathon.

Syria is the most dangerous place in the world to be a civilian. More than 12.2 million people inside Syria itself are in dire need of life-saving aid, while over 4 million have fled the country to seek safety in the region.

CARE has been supporting refugees in the Balkans and we’re also helping those affected by the crisis in Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen and Turkey. In Serbia, CARE has assisted nearly 13,000 refugees through the distribution of food and hygiene packages.

Taking part in the #stretch4syria Yogathon will ensure that CARE is able to reach many more who have been affected by the conflict.”


Please take a moment to watch this video to learn a little more about some of the people affected by this crisis.


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